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  1. Act of 1862 Donating Lands for Colleges of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (First Morrill Act)

    such funds shall yield a fair and reasonable rate of return, to be fixed by the State legislatures, and ...

  2. Volume 2, Issue 6, March 31, 2015

    of application method, timing and nutrient rates. Another 12% will be conducting on-farm research in ... rate (89%), at the Right time (81%) and in the Right place (73%). Fertilizer Training curriculum was ...

  3. Volume 2, Issue 11, June 15, 2015

    agricultural industry suffers from a higher rate of injuries and fatalities than the mainstream workforce. ... 1) Nitrogen rates and Sulfur for wheat, 2) pop-up starters for corn and 3) Phosphorus and Potassium ...