The rates listed below are for OSU users. Rates for other educational institutions are 50% higher, and rates for industry are 100% higher. We offer free technical help for first-time pilot genomic or microscopy experiments for in-house users.


TEM, SEM $ 35.00/hour
Confocal $ 30.00/hour
Epifluorescent microscope $ 8.00/hour
TEM sample preparation (plastic embedding) $ 70.00/sample
TEM negative staining $ 8.00/sample
TEM negative staining and imaging $ 70.00/sample
Light microscopy sample preparation (paraffin embedding) $ 50.00/sample
SEM sample preparation $ 30.00/samples
Ultramicrotome (sectioning by user) $ 8.00/hour
Ultramicrotome (sectioning by MCIC staff) $ 14.00/hour
Cryo-ultramicrotome (sectioning by user) $ 10.00/hour
Laser Capture Microdissection $ 16.00/hour
Cryojane cryotome $ 10.00/hour
Formovar and carbon coated copper grids $ 2.50/grid
Consultation and technical help $ 30.00/hour
Training on the instrumentation (non-OSU users only) $ 15.00/hour

Molecular Biology

Capillary Sequencing  
SeqSudio Genetic Analyzer $ 7.00/sample
Instrument ready samples (chemistry performed by user) $ 4.50/sample
SeqSudio run (8 samples) $ 28.00/run
Illumina MiSeq sequencing  
25M reads (standard) flow-cell v3, 600 bases $ 2,300.00
25M reads (standard) flow-cell v3, 150 bases $ 1,650.00
15M reads (standard) flow-cell v2, 500 bases $ 2,200.00
15M reads (standard) flow-cell v2, 300 bases $ 1,750.00
15M reads (standard) flow-cell v2, 50 bases $ 1,350.00
4M reads (micro) flow-cell v2, 300 bases $ 900.00
1M reads (nano) flow-cell, 300 bases $ 700.00
1M reads (nano) flow-cell, 500 bases $ 800.00
PhiX spike $ 60.00
qRT-PCR for sample quality, 1 sample $ 75.00
qRT-PCR, each additional samples (up the 12 samples total) $ 5.00
Illumina library preparation  
Genomic or mRNA-Seq libraries (1 to 96 libraries) $ 140.00/sample
Genomic or mRNA-Seq libraries (96 and over libraries) $ 130.00/sample
SmallRNA, RAD, GBS, ddRAD libraries or prokaryote mRNA-Seq ask for a quote
16S, ITS ribosomal gene amplicons (8 to 48 libraries) $ 20.00/sample
16S, ITS ribosomal gene amplicons (over 48 samples) $ 16.00/sample
HT plexWell, (96 samples) $ 2,500/plate
HT LP plexWell  (4x96 samples) $ 2,400/plate
MinION sequencing  
Genomic library preparation $ 300.00/sample
MinION sequencing $1,200.00/run
Fluidigm Access Array System  
Fluidigm amplicon generation - 48 samples $ 1,400.00
Molecular biology equipment  
Eppendorf EPmotion liquid handler $ 15.00/hour
Real-time PCR (Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch), user-supplied reagents $ 30.00/run
QuBit $ 3.50/reaction
Covaris DNA shearing $ 7.50/sample
Pippin size selection $ 30.00/sample
Agilent 4200 TapeStation $ 8.50/sample
Bio-Rad Qx200 ddPCR, reactions for 96 samples $ 750.00/plate
Bio-Rad Qx200 ddPCR, reactions for 48 samples $ 400.00/half plate
Bio-Rad Qx200 ddPCR, plater reader, and reading oil for 96 samples $ 100.00/plate
Bio-Rad Qx200 ddPCR, plater reader, and reading oil for 48 samples $ 50.00/half plate
Consultation and technical help $ 25.00/hour
Training on the instrumentation (non-OSU users) $ 35.00/hour

Columbus Equipment

LC-MS/MS (column provided by client) $50/hour or $20 per sample
UPLC (column provided by client) $60/hour or $22 per sample
Other equipment usage Contact Stephen



Bioinformatics membership (6 months) $ 600
Consultation and training (non-members only) $ 50/hour