Covid19 user guidelines

We are operating under stage 5 University reopening restrictions. To submit samples, access services and scheduling time and training on the equipment you will need to follow the guidelines below. All users must adhere to the Ohio State University Covid19 safety protocols, including wearing a mask while in the building and maintaining personal distancing (6 feet apart).

Submitting samples for sequencing, library preparation or other service:

  • Prior bringing samples to the facility you need to contact the MCIC staff (via email or by calling 330-263-3828) to coordinate the drop off. Our building doors are locked therefore the MCIC staff will meet you at the door to take the samples. If you are not resident of the Wooster campus, please ship your samples.


  • To book time on the microscopes, other instrument or the bioinformatics lab contact the MCIC staff via email or by calling 330-263-3828:
    Microscopy: Khwannarin Khemsom
    Molecular Biology Equipment: Jody Whittier
    Bioinformatics Lab: Jelmer Poelstra
  • You can view current microscope/instrument bookings on line at the MCIC Microscope Scheduling Calendar
  • Our building is locked, therefore once you get there, you need to call the MCIC staff to be let in, and we will meet you at the door to let you in the building.

Guidelines for MCIC equipment users:

  • Users and staff must adhere to current Ohio State University protocols including daily temperature checking etc. and not come to campus while experiencing any cold symptoms or following close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the past 14 days.
  • Mask (surgical or cloth) must be worn upon arrival, however are not required when working in an isolated room
  • Bring your own gloves. Lab gloves need to be worn when working in the lab or on any of the instrumentation
  • If MCIC staff assistance is required personal distancing rules (6 feet apart) will still apply.
  • When done, all touched work areas, including benches, keyboards, mice, equipment, etc. should be wiped down with 75% ethanol. We will provide 75% ethanol and wipes. Do not use any other type of sanitizer on the instrumentation.
  • Microscope eye pieces, must also be wiped down using 75% ethanol and Q-Tips, which will also be provided.


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