New SEM at the MCIC

Nov. 12, 2019

Our new Hitachi Schottky field emission SU5000 scanning electron microscope provides high quality nano-scale images for research in biology and material sciences. The Schottky electron source and detectors give optimal imaging and analytical data, and the novel hex technology allows for high brightness imaging also at low accelerating voltage settings.

The microscope is easy to use with a user friendly interphase. The EM Wizard can guide also an inexperience user to obtain optimal resolution imaging and analysis. The secondary electrons (SE) and the back-scattered electron (BSE) detectors can be used simultaneously providing overlay images with information about sample composition and topography. Sample exchange is rapid, taking less than three minutes. The 3D multi-finder tool allows for easy sample tilting and rotation while maintaining the image in focus.

Our SU5000 is also equipped with the Bruker Energy Dispersive X- ray Spectrometer ESPRIT system for qualitative and quantitative elemental microanalysis.