New low cost high throughput sequencing services

Nov. 19, 2020

We now offer a low cost high throughput (HT) genomic DNA library preparation protocol ideal for lowpass whole genome sequencing for genotyping purposes, whole small genomes sequencing, scRNA-seq, metagome and microbial sequencing. The Seqwell plexWell technology protocol employs transposase fragmentation and barecode tagging of the genomic DNA and produces a balanced, normalized pool of libraries. ........

Briefly, unfragmented gDNA is first tagged with sample specific i7-barcoded adapters. Barcoded samples are pooled and transposase tagged with pool-specific i5-barcoded adaptors. After final pooling and cleaning, libraries are amplified and ready for sequencing on the Illumina platform.

Two versions of library preparation that provide different coverage depths are available ( The plexWell version is optimized for sequencing of whole genome smaller than 20Mb, while LP plexWell is optimized for  sequencing of genomes up to 50Mb. As an example the LP library preparation protocol provides a 5X coverage of the human genome for 96 samples when sequenced with the Illumina NovaSeq S2 kit.

Samples for high throughput library preparation need to be submitted in a 96-well plate format or its multiples, ready-to-go with sample concentrations carefully normalized. Without careful normalizations, samples will not be represented in equimolar amounts in the final pool. Because of the enzymatic transposase mediate reactions, the purity of the DNA is critical for a successful library preparation and needs to be assessed.

Formats for 8, 24 and 48 samples are available, although these are more expensive. If interested please inquire.

More information regarding sample submission are found on our Illumina Sequencing page and costs for library preparation are listed on our Rates page. Also don’t hesitate to contact MCIC staff if you need more information.