The MCIC is pleased to welcome Dr. Jelmer Poelstra

June 19, 2020

The MCIC  is pleased to welcome Dr. Jelmer Poelstra, who will lead the bioinformatics activities at the MCIC Computational Biology Laboratory (MCBL). Dr. Poelstra has a solid knowledge in bioinformatics and computational tools for  genomic analyses, as he has been working with high throughput sequencing data for the past nine years. His disciplinary background is in population genetics. .......

Dr. Poelstra received his PhD in Evolutionary genetics at Uppsala University, Sweden. He recently held post doc positions at Duke University and at University of North Carolina, working in the area of phylogenomics. He worked with whole genome data on  several projects. He studied coloration and speciation genetics in crows, inferred the demographic history of speciation in four radiations of Cameroon crater lake cichlids, and he constructed the phylogenetic relationships and patterns of gene flow in mouse lemurs.