The Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center (MCIC) is an Ohio State University core facility with equipment and services in the areas of microscopy (light, confocal, transmission and scanning electron microscopy), genomics and molecular biology (low- and high-throughput sequencing, library preparation, qPCR) and bioinformatics (research assistance, running standardized pipelines, teaching of courses and of small groups, 1-on-1 training).

We are part of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) and our mission is to support research at CFAES and the rest of Ohio State University by providing cost-effective services. The facility is also available to other research and educational institutions and the private sector. Most of our equipment and staff are in Selby Hall on the Wooster campus, but we have a satellite laboratory in Kottman Hall on the Columbus campus.

If you are interested in using our equipment or services, or just have a question — don't hesitate to contact us by emailing mcic@osu.edu or one of our staff directly.




  1. New Booking Method for Light and Confocal Microscopy Services

    Feb 12, 2024

    We're excited to announce a more convenient way to schedule appointments for our light and confocal microscopy services! To streamline the booking process and make it easier for you to access our microscopy facilities, we've implemented a new online booking system.

  2. Equipment Grant & Complete Genomics Talk

    Nov 19, 2023

    The MCIC has received an equipment grant for a new short-read sequencing machine, as a higher-throughput upgrade to our current Illumina MiSeqs.

  3. MCIC Director Updates

    Nov 1, 2023

    After 29 years at MCIC, our Director, Tea Meulia, will retire on Jan 1st, 2024. We will miss her greatly!

    In the meantime, Jelmer Poelstra is serving as the Interim Director as of Nov 1st, 2023, and a job posting for a new Permanent Director is open (link - OSU login needed).