Illumina sequencing

Illumina Sequencing and Library Preparation

We provide comprehensive support for Illumina library preparation, sequencing and data analysis. We have the most common library preparation protocols well established in the laboratory and we work closely with the investigators who have special needs, such as for example very low input DNA or RNA, or would like to apply any custom library preparation protocol. Libraries can be sequenced in house on the MiSeq or sent for higher throughtput sequencing. In this last case we coordinate the sample submission, data delivery and assure data quality. The MCIC genomics core houses two MiSeq sequencers, and we have access to HiSeq/NextSeq sequencing at the OSU main campus facility or other facilities. To help with the decision of which Illumina sequencing platform to choose for your sequencing project, a comparison of the sequence outputs for the various instruments is available in this summary and more information is avalable at the Illumina web site.

If you would like to start a new whole genome sequencing project contact the MCIC staff to set up a meeting to discuss and plan the project.

Illumina library preparation services

We offer a variety of Illumina library preparation services, including:
  - Genomic DNA-Seq
  - RNA-Seq
  - GBS, RAD, ddRAD libraries (contact MCIC staff for details)
  - low cost high throughput gDNA plexWell and LP plexWell libraries
  - Ribosomal 16S/ITS (or other) custom amplicons (List of primers for 16S/TS rRNA genes amplicons for bacteria, archea, fungi and protozoa availale at the core)

To submit samples for Illumina library preparation:
(1) Read and follow the instruction in the 'Instructions for Illumina Library Preparation Sample Submission' document.
(2) Fill in 'Illumina Library Preparation Sample Submission Form'.
(3) Submit it via the submission webform along with the required documents.
Your samples will not be added to our queue until we receive the samples and all the requested documentation.
Turn around time for the library preparation and sequencing is usually 4 - 8 weeks. We can give you a better estimate for the turn around time for the project at the time you submit your samples.

Instrumentation and sequencing

We house two Illumina MiSeq instruments. The MiSeq instrument runs the robust Illumina sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry on a chip, that reads through homopolymeric stretches and provides practically error-free data with most base calls above Q30. MiSeq performs both single and paired-end sequencing with read lengths of up to 2 x 300 base pairs. The single flowcell generates 20 - 25 million of single reads, or the double in a paired-end sequencing run. The platform also includes data analysis software for alignment of reads and de novo assemblies.

Applications include:
  - Highly Multiplexed PCR Amplicon
  - SequencingCustom Gene Panel Assays
  - Targeted Re-sequencing
  - De Novo Sequencing and assembly of small genomes
  - Small RNA Sequencing
  - 16S/ITS Metagenomics
  - RNA-Seq

To submit samples for MiSeq sequencing read carefully and follow the instruction in the 'Instructions for Illumina MiSeq Sequencing Sample Submission' document. Along with your samples and your bioanalyzer traces, you will also need to Fill in the 'Illumina MiSeq Sequencing Sample Submission Form', and submit it along with the Bioanalyzer traces using our submission webform.
Your samples will not be added to our sequencing queue until we receive the samples and all the requested documentation.
Turn around time for MiSeq sequencing is usually 2-4 weeks. However a better estimate can be given once the samples are in the queue.