MCIC Computational Biology Laboratory (MCBL)

Our mission is to build core support and intellectual leadership in the area of bioinformatics to support research at the OARDC, by providing an engaging work environment, infrastructure, training and support for bioinformatics and other biological data analysis.

We aspire for the MCBL to be the principal place for learning and performing bioinformatics research at the OARDC, the place where ideas are discussed and exchanged, students and users learn from each other and get help and support from our experienced staff when needed. We specialize in working with High-throughput Sequencing (HTS) data and providing training in reproducible science using modern tools.

We are available to help you to carry out your research. For instance, we help with experimental design, data analysis, and data interpretation, and provide computational infrastructure for data-intensive research. Upon request, we can also process and analyze HTS data for you, using either standardized or custom pipelines.

We provide structural support via user memberships, see below for more information. For one-off consultation, or to explore your options, don't hesitate to contact Jelmer Poelstra.

For our members, we provide:

  • A dedicated computer laboratory, with eight workstations connected to servers, which are also accessible remotely. The laboratory has audio-visual connectivity. During the COVID crisis, the bioinformatics laboratory is accessible to users, but we can have only one person at the time in that space. Contact Jelmer Poelstra to schedule time in the lab.
  • Our computers and in-house servers have a plethora of software for genomic data analysis include some commercial software such as CLCBio Workbench and Blast2GO Pro.
    However, we are currently encouraging new members to perform computation at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) -- see the next point. 
  • We have a large project at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) that our members can access for data storage (at least 1 TB per member) and computing (no hard limits on compute hours).
  • Access to experienced staff available for consultation, one-on-one training, and assistance with experimental design, data analysis, and data interpretation.
  • Access to workshops and training sessions organized by the MCBL.

Membership information:

  • MCBL membership is granted to anyone who is interested in performing bioinformatics work at any level.
  • The MCBL monthly membership fee is $100 per person and needs to be purchased for a minimum of six months. Contact us for special rates for multiple members from the same laboratory.
  • To become a member, please complete the on-line registration form.

A detailed description of MCBL resources and tutorials are available at, and the rates are posted on our 'Rates' page. For more information, please contact the MCIC staff.